Bay Area Paralegal is here to supply you with all your paralegal needs, with fast service and fair prices.  As our society becomes increasingly diversified, more and more people need legal services.  State and federal governments, business firms, small and large corporations, law firms, attorney's and individuals  are now employing paralegals to diminish costs and enhance efficiency.

Bay Area Paralegal can provide you with exceptional, affordable, and reliable paralegal services by assisting attorney's, public defenders, prosecutors, judges, or legal departments in such matters as litigation, divorce, business planning, real estate transactions, trial preparation, preparing court documents, and all other paralegal needs.

Paralegal Services offered by Bay Area Paralegal include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Evictions

    Legal Transcription

  • Preparing Court Documents

  • Trial Preparation

  • Filming Depositions

  • File Organization

  • Draft Correspondence and Pleadings

  • Prepare Deposition Summaries

  • Research Legal Issues

  • Investigate Facts

  • Interview Client(s), Witnesses, etc.

  • Correspond With Client(s) and Third Parties

  • Research and Writing, including Motions, Trial Briefs, Appellate and Supreme Court Briefs

  • Prepare and Serve Deposition Notices and Subpoenas

  • Prepare Witnesses and Clients for Depositions

  • File Maintenance

  • Organize and Mark Trial Exhibits

  • Provide Service for the following documents:

  • Subpoenas

  • Decrees

  • Writs

  • Notices

  • Eviction Papers

  • Summons and Complaints

  • Petitions/Statements of Claim

  • Court Orders

  • And other legal documents

  • Prepare Tax Returns

  • Incorporate Businesses

  • Draft and Prepare Bankruptcy

  • Site Inspections and Photography

  • Conduct Record Searches

  • Trial Attendance and Assistance

  • Social Security Disability

  • Notary

  • Photo Log Preparation

  • Traveling

  • And all other Paralegal Services

This is just a summary of the services Bay Area Paralegal can provide, we can discuss other assignments specific to your case.