Karl has always exhibited a very sharp and retentive mind. He is well motivated to succeed. He has all the basic tools—excellent reading and comprehension skills and a very analytical mind. Moreover, he has energy and industry. I fully recommend him."

Howard Moore, Esq.

Karl really helped me out of a tight legal bind. He is fast and good at what he does. I will never pay a lawyer again for legal services.

Susan Peabody

I have known Karl since we both studied the law together. He helped me pass the bar. He is dedicated and skillful. As many judges have pointed out while working with Karl, his briefs are the best in the business. Karl is also trusworthy and will always have your best interests at heart.

Kojo Moore, Esq.

My brother was wrongly convicted. Karl got him out of San Quentin. He is amazing and compassionate. He believes strongly in justice.

Kathy Snyder

I got evicted for bed bugs. Karl got the eviction revesed and got the court to give me a stipend from my landlord to handle the problem. He really knows the law when it come to eviction.

Josh Henry

Karl has a really sharp mind and learns quickly. He hired me to help him get a loan for a mortgage and ended up doing most of the paper work himself. I offered to hire him but he is more interest in helpimg people in the justice system. I highly recommend him for anything you need.

Eddie Jackson